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For a detailed list of our publications and citations, please follow our google scholar link

Our research focuses on interface engineering between fibrous structures and novel functional materials for targeted applications, including smart textiles, wearable power sources, and water purification. Our current research projects include:

  1. IARPA Smart ePANTS project (confidential with SRI Internationals,
  2. NASA STTR Phase II (confidential with Paragon Space Development Corporation,
  3. 2D material based sorbent materials for phosphorus sustainability (STEP center by NSF,
  4. Two-dimensional Material Based Adsorbents for PFAS Remedy (National Science Foundation)

Our funded and completed research projects include:

  1. NASA STTR Phase I (confidential with Paragon Space Development Corporation,
  2. Scalable Manufacturing of Graphene Yarns via Wet Spinning Processes (Confidential with Storagenergy/US Army)
  3. Circuit Printing on Cotton Fabrics with Carbon Coatings (with Cotton Inc.)
  4. Engineering High-Energy-Density Graphene Oxide Microsupercapacitors
  5. Engineering Interfaces Between Graphene Oxide and Industrially-Relevant Polymers for Conductive Composites (Nonwoven’s Institute)
  6. Elastomeric Multifunctional Nonwoven (Confidential with Nonwoven’s Institute)
  7. Matrices for Transesterifications (Confidential with Eastman Chemicals)